About gangs

General knowledge

There are three stages to this gang situation:

  • The problem
  • The reaction
  • The solution

Most times we get fixed on the first two aspects and all resources are directed on these and little is done or resourced to the solution. This further increases the dilemma. The cycle of a gang member in England is 12- 20yrs old, once they reach beyond this age most gang members want to exit this chosen life style. However the predicament they face is walking away is not that easy, as other fundamentals surrounding their actions won’t just allow them to just leave.

The misconceptions about gangs

A very minute amount of young people are actually involved in gangs in England, however for some unknown reason they are now always the topic of substantial public and political concern. This attention has been prompted by reports of a rise in gang related violence, fear about links between gang activity and the 2011 riots and concern about the sexual exploitation of young women.

Gang membership is still a fairly rare occurrence among young people; with the percentage of gang membership to non gang membership still so vast in comparison; however that trend is on the rise among the age groups 12-16 years old. This has been encouraged by the media and its constant glamorising of gang members. Recent TV series like Top Boy and Postcodes fuelled the interest and excitement of gang affiliation even further.