Our services

Our services

Gangs Unite provide preventative and interceptive outcomes through transformative negotiation. We have been established to increase youth services, with an excellent reputation for providing reliable and professional support solutions to all agencies involved in Education, the Criminal Justice System and the Gang Intervention and Prevention Process. These include:

  • High Risk Gang Conflict Resolution/Mediation
  • Violence Reduction
  • Pre – Prevention
  • In Reach (Prisons)
  • Structured Mentoring (One on One and Group sessions)
  • Appropriate Adult at Police Station and Courts
  • Youth Gang Activists
  • Consultancy/Teaching
  • Road to employment/training

Our services

All of our services can be specifically tailored to suit the exact requirements of the commissioning organisations.


MEND Program

Mentoring, Educating, Nurturing, Developing

This ground breaking program focuses on personal development; the focal point being behavioural modification and attitude re-alignment.

Our mission is to educate life skills to young people that improves their developmental abilities, enabling them to make more responsible decisions and adjust the pattern of their behaviour, whilst providing recognition for positive healthy standards of behaviour.

MEND is the development of basic life skills in young people. These skills are abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.

MEND is designed to assist the practice and strengthening of emotional and mental skills; this contributes to the promotion of personal and social growth and well being.

MEND aims to include the encouragement of responsible behaviour in young people to enable healthy improvement, to be more able to cope with their problems, and to resist influences to join gangs.

MEND promotes social, emotional, cognitive, behavioural and moral competence; this in turn empowers young people academically and socially through self determination with a clear and positive identity and self belief in the future to achieve their life goals.

This program improves skills for building self-esteem, setting realistic goals, coping with anxiety, resisting pressures, communicating effectively, making decisions, managing conflict and dealing assertively with social situations in which gang activity and peer pressure are prevalent.

MEND Program

Sport Programs


Gangs Unite CIC whole heartedly believe in giving back to the community by sharing the wealth of knowledge we have gained over the years by working with young people. That belief is manifested  through the creation of our Mentoring through Sports Program. Gangs Unite   believe that when young people are involved with organised  sporting activities with constructive supervision, its easier to assist them in  building positive self esteem, develop better communication skills and comply to good sportsmanship. We also believe that while young people  are associated with good recreation, it deters them from engaging in the negativity of depression, crime, gang association and substance abuse.

Sport Programs

Gangs Unite attain its goals by:

  • Being a positive role model whilst training and supervising various sporting activities
  • Encourage acceptance, forgiveness and moral support to all youth
  • Providing knowledgeable instruction, sound advice and most of all, creating an environment where participants can freely express themselves.
  • Facilitating growth and encouragement through honesty, trust and self analysis. Whilst endorsing self control and discipline.

Sports mentoring aims to promote healthy youth development by using sport as a springboard for engagement – increasing young people’s connection to their community, school and peers. We provide disadvantaged and disengaged young people with the opportunity to develop healthy relationships and engage in activities which have a valued outcome for themselves and their community.

Mentoring through sports is a hands-on concept that young people get, You can talk to a young person all day about the value of hard work and behaviour and hope they listen or you can put them on the pitch, put a ball at their feet and let them work hard until they achieve this goal.

This way you make more of an impact and the young person feels empowered because they put in the effort, they now feel better prepared physically and mentally to face some of the challenges life offers them.

Managing Director Colin James and his Senior Coach/Mentor, Jason McNeil.

We have just established a working partnership with Leyton Orient FC, which we hope will increase the scope of opportunities available to these young people through sports.

Sport Programs


  • Tuesday 5:30pm -7:30pm
  • Sunday 1:30pm – 4:30pm


  • Saturday 10am Kickoff


  • Thursday 7pm - 8:30pm

The challenges we set each other is:

  1. To always set the right example.
  2. Be committed and prepared.
  3. Forge strong friendships.
  4. Be true to yourself.
  5. Keep Believing.